Meeting Lexie

Hello, my name is Lexie and I am the writer for

I am twenty two years old and I live close to Newcastle, England. I spent most of my childhood in Melbourne (Australia) but I made the decision to move once I turned eighteen and I have never looked back.

Travelling around England is a passion of mine but my bank account limits me at the moment as I travel often to see my Airman, Massie.

I love to keep up to date with politics, so much it finds a way to creep into most of my conversations. I also love to write but I wouldn’t say I’m too good at it. A few hobbies include shopping, taking selfies, and nagging my boyfriend.

I am an introvert and I struggle to formulate sentences when I speak at times, a quirk those around me notice. will be used to document the joys and struggles of military life, my love of reading, and other random little things I enjoy.

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